Monday, January 26, 2009

On A Clear Day....

....I can see FOREVER!! We're on the 3rd floor of our office building in Old Town Temecula. I can see over the top of Sweet Lumpy's Bar-B-Q, and over the top of the Fire Station, and the place where they have the Flea Market (not that I can figure why anyone would want to buy fleas, though!), and all the way to the 15 freeway. I can even see the mountains way far away and sometimes there's snow on them.

We got our windows washed today and...well, honestly? It's impossible to have a conversation with a window washer when I'm on the floor inside, and he's on the roof outside. I made a lot of noise and paced a lot, which got my mom's attention. She picked me up and said "Oh, here! Say Hello and be done with it!". So I did. And then me and the window washer kept eye-balling each other and laughing. It was everly so much fun.

After the window washer man left, the windows were really clean and I could see VERY well. So I stayed put until we left for our appointment at 2:00PM. I was there for maybe an hour or so. I wish Mom had gotten a picture of my new friend. Darn!

Anyway, I think I'll spend more time up here. Life is pretty interesting on the main drag in downtown Old Town Temecula.

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - Did you know that Harley-Davidson bikers like to get together at the Temecula Beer and Wine Garden across the street? And that Thursday through Sunday bands play there? A lot of old time stuff that I don't hear on the radio today from back in the 60's and 70's, my mom says. Did you know that Buffalo Springfield is a rock band, and not a meadow where buffalos graze?

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