Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Old Time Family Photos

Baba & Deida (pronounced like Djeda) 1952 (Nicholas Stephen Gulkevitch & Anastasia Rimski-Korsakoff Gulkevitch)

Mike, Nick, Grandma/Mom/Ruth and Michele with Dad/George in back 1952. Mom is 7 1/2 here. She thinks this was Easter time.

Nick, Michele & Mike 1953 - Here my mom is about 8 1/2 years old. This is about the same time that she found out the Russian word for brother sounded like "brat" and she totally understood why. Left-click the photo to get the full impact of her expression.

Nick, Michele & Mike early 1955 wearing their summer Keds. Remember the free turtles you got with each purchase? And the turtle races in Colvey's parking lot at the end of Summer? Her turtle disappeared toward the end of the year and she hunted everywhere for it. She was cleaning under her bed in early 1956 and found him. Just about the time she was going to drop him into the garbage he poked his head out at her. Nobody ever told her turtles hibernate.

Remembering your family way back when you were just puppies makes humans smile.

And here's Mom at 58 years old.

Everybody enjoy!



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