Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peaches and Cream

Meet my new friend, Miss Peaches and Cream, or "Peaches" for short.  She's a full grown girl Guinea Pig and very nice.  We hit it off right away.  I know I have to be sort of quiet for her so I sit down and we talk in our own special way.

Keri says that Peaches can come back and play with me again on Friday.  Oh, I can't wait.  I just LOVE my new friend.  I think every pup should have their own Guinea Pig.

Love and kisses.

PS:  I have something really sad to tell you.   When I went to Miss Marilyn's last Friday I looked everywhere for my best friend, Madison.  Mom asked where she was and Miss Marilyn said that she had to go to the Rainbow Bridge and that Sophie, the Maltese, went too.  My heart is broken and I gave Miss Marilyn a lot of loving.  I know I helped comfort her.  I love her so much that it hurts my heart to see her cry.  Don't tell her but I cried a little bit, too.  God bless Madison and Sophie.  I miss them.

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