Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mommy was a Teenager

Mom was hunting through photos today and found some she didn't know she had. First off here's one of her Senior picture proofs that was in a tiny envelope left to her by her grandmother Mila back in 1981.

Second is one of Mom and her friend, Alene Childs, who lived on Ingleside Place in Evanston, Illinois just up the street from her. They were sitting on Alene's front porch. Mom is 13 here and Alene is 14 or 15. My Grandpa was working at Argonne National Labs on a contract so my Mom, her three brothers and their mom moved to Evanston for about 4 months. Their house was about a half block from Lake Michigan at 621 Ingleside Place.

I love looking at old pictures of my family from way back before I was born. Don't you?


Your Grand Dogger....


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