Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burrs and other sticky things

There's a lot going on outside my fence.  Critters are moving in and I'm making friends.  That's not Mom's favorite thing, though.  When I come back in the house I look like I have Chicken Pox with all the round stickers stuck ALL over my furry little body.  It takes her absolutely forever to pluck them out. 

This morning already she's late for work.   I told her to make sure to tell you that I love you, too.   She always tells me what you say but sometimes forgets to tell you what I say. 

You have lots of friends everywhere.  I even tell my friends on the back slope about you.   They don't have grandparents that they know about so they are very much in awe of me.  I told them I would share you with them.  They are squirrels, possums, kitties, bunnies, a couple of rats, some crows, a sparrow or two and...oh, I forget.  But they said to tell you they love you, too.



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