Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving with friends who are like Family!

We went to my Aunt Margie's house today.  Her daughter, Becky, was there with two of her kids, Jacob (15) and Abby (9 almost 10),  and Becky's special boyfriend Mike.  Also Catherine, Margie's daughter, who is 21.  We got there and right away started watching the Dallas Cowboys vs the Raiders.  I don't know a whole lot about football but it seems a lot like puppy school, when it matters who gets the ball.

I played a lot with Abby and Catherine.  We went for a few walks and Mom went on one of them carrying her trusty plastic bag.  She seems to know just when I need to have that kind of walk almost like she can read my mind.  She sniffs, wrinkles her nose, grabs the baggie and away we go.

Then we came into the house and I hunkered down in my carrier until the grown  ups were done eating.  Then Abby and Catherine filled my little bowl with bits of turkey and ..oh was so good.  I had seconds and thirds.  Mom said I looked like I might explode.  Naturally, I passed on dessert.

"Little Miss" is the house kitty there.  She spent most of the time under the couch until Becky and her family left.  Then she sort of ventured out and we checked each other out for a bit.  Little Miss is very shy.  I think I can work with her.  By the time we were ready to leave she came out from under the couch and we made eye contact.   We declared a truce and we both look forward to our next visit.

Dinner was delicious.   There was turkey, dressing and gravy, candied yams, potatoes, corn, string beans, rolls and butter, cranberry, Mom's special Oregon sweet cherry gelatin squares with sour cream dressing.  The grown ups had pumpkin and apple pie for dessert.  Everyone laughed and hugged and got silly, and just had a very good time all together.   We were there about 4 hours and then we drove home.  We only live maybe 5 minutes away so even the drive was stress free.

When we got home Mom plunked herself into her big leather recliner and fell asleep.  I started dozing off too.  About 8:30:PM we decided it was time for bed and here we are, getting all rested up for tomorrow.

Hope you all had as great a day as we did, or maybe even better.

Love and kisses….


PS - Back in October I told you that I was figuring out how to untangle my leash from the desk legs?  Well, I've done it.  I get stuck, I call Mom.  She says "Silly puppy.  Go back under the desk and untangle yourself!".  So I do.  No fluke there.  I have mastered the art of disentanglement.

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