Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dr. V and Me

I went to see my everly most FAVORITE doctor, Dr. V. She and I compete with each other on "Bejeweled" but she gets over 500,000 points and she was giving me suggestions on how to do better. But without thumbs, I guess I'll never get as good as her.

This picture is of me and my very good friend, Titan, in the waiting room. Titan is his new name. He says his name was something else before he got lost and wandered onto the Notre Dame campus in Riverside. All the kids just love him there and he has a forever home now. He's going to be their school mascot and the man that took him to Dr. V for shots and stuff was ordering him a green sweater with the emblem ND on it so he'd have an official uniform.

Good news. I weigh 10.6 pounds before pooping, roughly 10.4 after, so my weight is stable. Had some goop in my eyes still so Dr. V gave me some stuff to put in my eyes a couple of times a day for a week. I lick a lot...sometimes furniture, sometimes my paws...and sometimes nothing but air. It drives Mom crazy but Dr. V says there's nothing wrong with me and this might just be a habit. And my "booty" (rear end) now gets some hydrocortisone spray if I start itching or skootching again.

I was absolutely in heaven seeing all my very good friends at the clinic again, including another one from the "Gucci Shoes" place that has now been hired by "Dr. Blue Jeans", so now there are three ladies from the old place. Nicole (who used to wear me around her neck while she was typing), and Lynette, and Dr. V, plus Kim, Kristy, Daphne and Amy. Woo hoo! I also made at least three new boyfriends and I visited with one old cat named "Sal".

All the humans in the reception area were very impressed with my friendliness and they told me so, too. We happened to talk about "chapel" and Mom told them about the one lady that left because "it's not a real church or a real chapel". (Hello?...and the pastor is a Yorkshire Terrier...tell us, what was your first clue??) Our membership is joins. It evens out.

We think of "chapel" as real even if it's in cyberspace, and we are looking forward to next Sunday. I've got absolutely no idea what I'm going to say so it may be a surprise to us all, including me.

Anybody that's comfortable attending a prayer meeting in cyberspace where the pastor is a Yorkshire Terrier, and the coffee and doughnuts after the service are calorie-free, let me know and I'll send you an invitation. We do enjoy ourselves there.

Love and kisses ...

Lt. Chaplain
Yorkie Brigade "Chapel"

PS - This shows me taking care of one of MY clients. He's only two but he's very smart and talks English really well. He tasted pretty good, too.

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Lisa said...

You're so adorable Mary-Margaret!