Friday, February 18, 2011

The Bank and Me

When Mom remembered that there was a holiday on Monday she decided to pay some bills early and we went back to the bank....again! This was our SECOND trip to the bank. First time, my very good friend Lisa was at lunch. Lisa is my friend Einie's mom (that's short for Einstein, you know!?)

I'm sitting very nicely in one of the customer chairs and waiting and watching for Lisa. Mom's waiting for the safe deposit box lady to get us our new box. Our old bank is closing their branch so we have to get all our stuff out of their branch and put it into a new box at one of our other banks.

This time, Lisa was on break. Exactly how long does one take on break, I ask you? Hmmmm? Maybe if I sit up higher I can see when she comes back better.

This is getting me all worried. What if she doesn't COME back? I'll just keep on staring until.....huh? Julie just came by where I was sitting and told me "Lisa is back!".

"Mom? Did you hear her?", I asked? "Hey...come on! This is why I go to the bank, dontcha know?". I started talking to Mom and to Julie. I'm saying "PICK ME UP AND TAKE ME TO LISA!", but all they hear is "wrrrf...wrrrr....rowrrr...ruff!". Silly women!! They really need to learn Doglish!!

Finally, we went to the merchant teller's booth and Lisa buzzed us in. I practically FLEW out of Mom's arms and into a humongous pile of rolled nickels. Lisa and me...we just started loving all over each other. I could have stayed there all afternoon. People knew I was going to be there for a while, so the safe deposit lady come over to us instead. She and Mom did all the paperwork in the Merchant booth while me and Lisa just snuggled and kissed. When we were all done, Lisa gave me a cookie and Mom got a new safe deposit box. It's all good!!

Love and kisses...


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