Monday, February 07, 2011

Mom's Ratty Old Chair

Mom loves our ratty old leather chair, rips and all. It's the most comfortable thing we've ever owned, including our bed. We bought a new leather recliner/rocker because she was so embarrassed by the old one's appearance and she wanted to impress her friend, Elaine, who is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks. Elaine said not to worry but we did....a little, anyway.

Now Mom can't get rid of the old one. We will have 2 leather chairs when Elaine gets there now. Our ratty old one for me and Mom, and a brand new one for Elaine and other guests.

<-------(Brand New Chair)

Sorry...but we just can't get rid of something we love so much. The old chair is my special place for cat-watching, and keeping an eye on both the TV and the backyard at the same time. We're sure Elaine will understand. We KNOW my Grandpa will.

Love and kisses...



elaine said...

What???? Our momma is going to visit you. She did not tell us that is why we are going to Dr. Dave's for a week. Bummer!!
Rationalizing that you needed a chair that was not ratty because of our momma's visit is something our momma would do if she were having company. Glad there will be two chairs to watch TV from.
abbey mia, harper and piper

Auntie Allie said...

here in Hawaii we often put the well loved furniture on the back screened in lanais to be used there. you could probably do the same thing, just put it on that covered patio that you have!

Always willing to help.

Auntie Allie in Kona