Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Importance of Clean Underwear

Remember when your mom used to tell you to put on clean underwear every day "just in case"? Like maybe you'd get in an accident and the ambulance drivers were more interested in the state of your panties than in tending to your injuries? Mom says that when you get to be her age you're not as concerned with "panty pride" as you are with "hair care". Now, she says, it's more important to make sure your roots are the same color as the rest of your hair before you go out..."just in case".

Nobody wants their EMT's getting a pool going betting on the last time you updated your appearance. And what if (God forbid!) you should end up in a mortuary, dead as a doornail and your family wants an open casket ceremony? Wouldn't you at least want a say in what shade Marcel Beaubelle, the "dyer to the dead", colors your hair?

This is what the conversation in our household was like this morning. The color has to set for 25 minutes and I know when it's a good time for a nap. Maybe if she can't find me I don't have to listen?

No such luck. "Go AWAY!! I don't want to hear about it!! You look JUST fine to me!!" (You think I'd risk telling her what she really looks like? Her head reminds me of a Hershey bar that's been left in the sun too long! Shhhhh!)

(I said "SCRAM!!")

When this is over we go get our car fixed. We took it our regular mechanic yesterday since we had a "delivery" for them. We figured we'd get the serve done and ask about our car at the same time. Talk about coincidence, huh? Everything points to a bad "solenoid"(?) in the transmission thing-a-ma-bob!! Whatever! I like to go visit the people in the waiting room. Mom just takes a book.

Have a great day, everyone.



Neeko said...

Awww... You are sooo cuuuuute just chilling!
BTW, your bedding looks very fancy shmancy :o)

Ha haaa... My Mommy will not leave the house without her earrings on; she says she feels naked otherwise. Humans! Sigh...

See you tomorrow in the Chapel! Should I bring the refreshments or you got it covered?

Neeko ♥

Neeko said...

Gorgeous! You crack Meee up! Peeing in the snow :o)))

Ruthie is my new Girlfriend :o) I finally learned to live with the fact that your heart belongs to Hashi so I asked Ruthie to be my Girl, and she said Yes!

I still Love you though and I will always be your biggest fan!

See you tomorrow!
Neeko ♥