Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lunch with Mr. and Mrs. "S"

On our way to the office we stopped by Mr. "S" office to pick something up. "Mmmm-mmm!", I said. "Something sure smells good!". Mrs. "S" said she was making sandwiches in the work room and I was welcome to watch. "Watch?", I commented? This isn't going well (I thought). They're having turkey and salami and chips and...they want ME to watch?

All turned out ok. I got some small (very small, mind you) pieces of turkey. Mom said ixnay on the salami for some reason. I don't think I've ever had salami before, but it did have a nice aroma. I didn't really want to leave, thinking that maybe I might get lucky and something would fall out of their sandwiches. such luck.

When we left there was an overpowering smell of onions, though. We opened the door to the business across the hall from Mr. "S" and asked if Bella was there. Remember Bella? My friend, the chihuahua? Oh, well...anyway, she moved downstairs to suite 203, so visiting with her was out.

I was about to keel over from the smell of onions when Mom mentioned "Onions? Someone having onions?". I about died from embarrassment but the guys just laughed and said "Oh, you can smell them?". Well, duh.....aaaaack...and ...(tugging on her pant leg)...."Let's go before I pass out!" (I said).

We left and worked pretty hard the rest of the day. We got a lot done so we're feeling good about it. Friday is a holiday for us. Lincoln's birthday celebrated. Poor guy...doesn't even get to party on his own day anymore. He just get's acknowledged and then lumped into "President's Day" with George Washington the next week. So much for reverence.

Have a good night, everyone.



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Lisa said...

I love food and eating as much as you do Mary-Margaret. I bet that salami was deeelishious too.