Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday Inspiration for the Day

Good morning. Welcome to the second celebration of our friendship and love for
each other and also the common love between all humans and their furbabies.

For today's inspiration I chose a piece written by Joanne Hirase-Stacey entitled
"Lessons". I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

If I greeted everyone happily
Instead of eyeing with distrust
If I didn't pass judgment
But accepted all
If I listened intently
With understanding in my eyes
If I brought comfort
All the time, no matter what
If I loved unconditionally
Without reservation
If I lived life more simply
Instead of worrying so much
If I played tirelessly
And didn't work so hard
If I made people smile
Just by my presence in the room
If I experienced true joy
At the little things in life
Then I'd be the perfect friend
Just like my dog.

Humans can learn a lot from their dog. Just for today...maybe just for a
moment....become your dog. See what we see and smell, and hear what we hear.
Feel what we feel and experience life from our perspective.

You tower over me and you have power over me. I am totally dependent on you for
food, shelter and warmth. I am happiest when you are happy; I'm at peace when
all is well in your world.

I listen for the gentle sound of my mother's voice. To me this means I am with
my family. She speaks softly and says she loves me. I know I am valued.

My mother's hands are gentle. She scratches my back and my belly and rubs my
shoulders. Her hands won't hurt me and I'm never afraid of her. I know I am safe.

I'm not perfect though I try hard to be. I'm rewarded with kindness and treats
when I remember my manners, and my transgressions are quietly overlooked and

You are the center of my life and I am most alive when you are at peace.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing us together again. We ask you, Lord, for a
special blessing for all the furbabies that have been lost or abandoned, and
that you help them find food, warmth, shelter and a forever family to love.


Thank you all for coming. Please don't forget to pick up your links and photos
on your way out. Coffee and doughnuts in the Chapel meeting room have been
provided courtesy of Sister Chiquita and her troop of Dancing Chihuahuas this


Your Lt Chaplain,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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