Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Grandpa..

Boy, you sleep soundly. Melissa tried to call you about 11:00Am this morning and it just rang and rang. She was very worried about you. The last time she called and you weren't there she got Grandma's voice on the answering machine. This time she got nothing. We told her you slept in and probably just didn't hear the phone, and that the answering machine was broken.

(at least, I hope that's what was going on!)

Today we got out a couple of letters, and we finished the 1099s and popped them into the mail. We paid a bunch of bills and did a little bit of collections. It was a very long and busy day. Tomorrow, though, we should be able to dive right into our "do immediately" pile and get that done for our clients.

So much for today. I'm in trouble again, this time for barking. Well, good grief! I'm a DOG. That's what dogs do, right? I get sort of lonesome when Mom's all busy doing paper work and I like to have her open the hall door and put the "doggie gate" (I'm too BIG to call it a baby gate) up. Then I see people...lots of people..and I have to say "Hello!" to absolutely everyone, which drives Mom crazy. All the time she's going "Be quiet, Mary-Margaret!", and sometimes she gets downright rude with me and says "SHUT UP, Mary-Margaret!". I ignore her for the most part. I know she'll forgive me later.

I like to nap on Mom's desk at home. Sometimes I have a little gas (like tonight) and I am very dainty and lady-like about letting it seep out slowly. Unfortunately, though, it's pretty lethal and I get woken up with "EEEEYEEEEWWW....Gross! GOOD GOD, MARY-MARGARET!!", and then I'm picked up and plunked on the floor. Tonight I just shrugged my shoulders and crawled into my kennel to continue gassing the Momster at my leisure. (heh heh heh)

Love you lots,


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