Thursday, February 24, 2011

Auntie Elaine - Here tonight!

Her plane lands about 9:00PM tonight. Can't wait. I only wish she'da brung my friends with her. You know...Abbey Mia, Harper and Piper! I'm told they're staying at a luxury hotel with room service so I guess it can't be too bad for them. I get to see them in October at the Yorkie Ball in Nashville, Tennessee. This is where all us Yorks and Yorkettes get to feel like real princesses and princes. Oh I'm SOOO excited.

Doesn't it look fun? Here's a slide show of some pictures from a previous Yorkie Ball. Just go to the page via the pink link and wait for it to start changing photos, like a real slide show.

Now I only need to find a gown and to go on a diet so I'll fit into it.

Excitedly yours,

Princess Mary-Margaret of Dawn

1 comment: said...

Hi Mary Margaret:
You certainly look like a little princess and I love the slide show of the Yorkie Ball. It really looked like a pawtying good time!

My doggies are a little bigger than you, in fact, alot bigger. Jenna is a doberman and Maggie is a yellow lab, but they would love you I'm sure.

We happen to love dogs too and we hope that you'll stop and visit us. We really enjoy helping others with older dog health and nutritional needs.

So, you be sure to visit us too o.k. and we'll bookmark you and swing by to see the latest and greatest in the world of yorkies.

Janie, Jenna and Maggie :o