Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Good-bye, Auntie Elaine!

We picked up my Aunt Elaine at the airport on Thursday night. Boy, she was sure lucky to get out of New York before the storm hit. They had a whole bunch of snow the next day. We had rain and hail, and there was snow down to about 2000' so the mountains looked like they were dusted with powdered sugar. And it got pretty cold here, too.

This top picture was taken on Sunday at Richie's Diner in Temecula. They're famous for their freshly baked cinnamon buns hot out of the oven. See how BIG they are? That took two whole breakfasts for Aunt Elaine to finish!!

Notice the second picture? I know how to keep warm all by myself. Yup!

We drove around a lot and on Sunday, the skies were blue and clear and you could see a gazillion miles way back to the mountains, just like my Aunt MaryElizabeth said. It was BEEE-YOO-TEE-FULL!!!

Aunt Elaine likes to cook. First thing she noticed in our kitchen was a bunch of cookbooks. She dusted them off and started looking for tasty recipes. Saturday, she made us macaroni and cheese from SCRATCH!! Mom says it was excellent. I'll take her word for it. Nobody offered me any. That's ok, though. I got some left over hamburger meat from their lunch at Mad Madeleine's Grill on Front Street. Oh YUM!!

Sunday night, Mom and Aunt Elaine had an "Oscar Party". They watched the whole awards show all the way through and had the best of times. They even cracked open a can of cashews and shared some with me. I just LOVE cashews!

I will be rooming with Aunt Elaine and her pup, Abbey Mia, in October when we go to Nashville to the Yorkie Ball. It's put on every year by the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc., our most favorite 501(c)(3) charity (that means you can deduct your donations on your tax return if you want!).

I can't wait!!!

Love and kisses...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

PS - Seven weeks straight I got beat out by blind cats. I'm entered again in the Bissell Contest but I'm not holding my breath.

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Anonymous said...

Mary-Margaret we just love your blog and keeping up on your busy life. Here at Dog Pack Hill we are pretty laid back so like hearing details of your city life and work in your office with your mom.Puppy kisses to you, Lacey,Ginger,Sally and Kaluah