Friday, July 03, 2009

Friends, Food, Fun!!

First off, you'll get pictures when my mom's camera starts talking to her computer again. But we have a few that the trusty old cell phone had in it, for starters, at least.

You'll see that I claimed MY spot as soon as we got to Aunt Elaine's in Rochester. She has a very comfy lap and gives everly such great back rubs.

Here's me "on the boardwalk" on the shores of Lake Ontario. There's a sandy beach with some guys playing volleyball, a pier, and looking North, some pretty nifty beach houses. All in all, it's pretty much like the ocean except no salt and teensy little waves. I like it.

And here's a picture of the shoreline just before it really started raining hard.

Here's the carousel in the park on the shore. It's a little dark because there were some really big black thunder clouds above us. The carousel was built in 1905 - over ONE HUNDRED years ago:

We'll post more pictures when we can. Mostly I would like to say that it's a five hour drive from our house to Abbey Mia and Harper's place. It goes by fast because everything is so beautiful to look at. There are so many tree covered mountains, and little valleys with post card perfect houses on them, and the roads are the best kept ones ever. Everyone is pretty polite here. No rude honking or making hand signals like they do in California. Life pretty much slows down and it's a really good feeling, you know?

Oh....I forgot to tell you. Another kitty came to visit me today. This one had colors just like mine, too. Just like a "Yorkie-Kitty", I guess. It was wearing a collar and a tag. The word must be out: "Mary-Margaret is here!!"

We'll tell you more about Auntie Elaine's place later, too. One thing Mom says is that her house is one of the "Happiest Places on Earth". Just wait until you see her kitchen. That was MY other favorite place, right up there with her lap.

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Twix said...

Looks like you are having a great time! Happy 4th of July!
Love and hugs,