Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My new friend, Piper!!

Introducing my newest friend, Abbey Mia and Harper's "little" sister, PIPER!! I think she kinda looks like me, a little bit. In case you don't remember who's who, that's AbbeyMia on the left, Harper on the right, and PIPER (formerly known as AVA) in the middle.

How unfortunate that she wasn't adopted until AFTER I left their house. So many things a pup can do when you're in a foursome. Like chasing squirrels and stationing a lookout in four places, or playing bridge...or.....! I wonder if Auntie Elaine will have to get another stroller or if she can squish three Yorkies into the one she has.

Welcome to our world, Miss Piper Leshnower.



PS - That white thingy in front of the couch is a set of steps. Isn't it nice how some people consider that it might be just a bit of an effort for their pups to jump all the way from the floor to the couch? Hmmmmmmm?

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