Friday, July 24, 2009

Allergies and other annoyances

Oh, Dog! What a week. We worked all weekend on billing and then people just kept coming in. Lots of evictions and credit cards debt, but Mom says that's what happens in a bad economy.

I think I'm allergic to something. I started scratching just a little a few days ago and last night was the worst ever. I woke Mom up about 3:30AM and she tried to soothe me but it just wasn't happening. Today, she gave me some children's Benadryl. I feel everly so much better, actually. Must be that time of year.

Day before yesterday our cable box wasn't working and we got no picture - just the TV guide thing. So we took it into Time Warner. I met the nicest ladies. Jan, Lou and...oh gosh. A couple more. Jan gives really good back rubs. Two more boxes didn't work, but Lou said to take one home anyway and it would be fine. Nope. It wasn't. We took it back yesterday morning and Lou said she found out it wasn't our box at all, but the main computer at Time Warner. Well, THAT was a waste of time, except for the back rubs.

Then that night when we started our car there was absolutely NO air conditioning, no fan, nothing. So yesterday we took the car to the repair guy who fiddled with it all day long and then called Mom to tell her that he couldn't figure out the problem and we should take the car to Honda. He thought it might be a blower motor.

We took it first thing this morning. Something about a fan motor thingy like a fuse or transistor or...something. the part = $64.00; The labor = $146.00. Having a cool car in 100+ heat = priceless. Good thing is that it's all fixed. So then we opened the glove compartment everything spilled out on the floor. We took the car back and showed them that maybe they forgot something? Hmmmmmm??? A couple of clips ...(oopsie).....quickly fixed and we're out the door.

Just about everytime we think we have a little money to put in the piggy bank, the Finance Fairy waves her wand and we end up having to spend it on something necessary. You know what I mean? I still have abour $3.62 in my blue piggy bank and I do NOT give loans. It takes a lot of work and dedication to find money in parking lots, on sidewalks, and under pick up windows at drive through restaurants. That's a good place for loose change, if you want to know.

That Benadryl is really hitting me hard. I can barely keep my eyes open and I keep drifting off. Wheeee! This is a new feeling. Good....weird.....zzzzzzzzzznnnooonk!

Snoozingly yours...


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