Monday, June 29, 2009

Where I am and where I'm going!!

This is the FIRST time in my whole life I've seen a sign like this in a super market parking lot. There's a river that runs behind the market and all along the highway, though. Maybe there's ducks? And they can see that they're not welcome here?

Here we are crossing over the river. Mom's only got her cell phone so it's hard to see how beautiful it really is. I just LOVE Pennsylvania. Oh, did I mention that my chipmunk friend came by to see me today? Mom tried to get a picture but he sorta blends in with the rocks and dirt.

Here's the road to our house how it looks when we're driving (with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the photo button. Egads, Mom....LOOK OUT!). We were driving on a country road this afternoon hoping to find Target, going maybe 20 miles an hour. Something gray and big with a big fuzzy tail darted out in front of us and hit the side of our car. At first Mom got all upset thinking she'd squished some critter and she started to slow down to administer first aid. But then the critter got up and dashed across the road, lickety split. Didn't look like it needed any help, at least not from the lady he ran into. Thinking about it, the sound was more of a "thwonggggggggg" than a "bump", like maybe he ran into the side of the metal. He probably has a pretty big headach. We still felt a little bad about the whole thing, and a little glad we didn't end up in a ditch trying to avoid him.

This is what our house looks like on the side of the driveway. There's a really pretty flower growing there. It sort of looks like a "Bird of Paradise", but since nobody planted it, we can't find out for sure.

And here's the front of our house. We still need some steps going up to the front porch. Maybe after we get the inside painted.

Which brings me to why we're on the computer at 11:00PM at night. We were going to bed when we spotted a spider on the ceiling. Just a black spider creepy crawling along. Our walls are just primer, so squishing it is out of the question; we don't have a fly swatter, either. And spraying it with RAID would just get the primer all oily and make it hard to paint. So, given those options, we decided to do what any brave puppy would do and ignore it. Maybe it will go back to wherever it came from. I don't think it wants to socialize with us any more than we do with it.

Tomorrow, we go to see my friends, Abbey Mia and Harper. We're really excited about that. I haven't seen them for maybe 10 months, but I remember them well. It should take us about 5 hours (give or take a bit) to get there. If the drive is as pretty as we've seen so far, it should be a lot of fun. We hope to hit Williamsport by noon. I'll keep you posted.


The Happy Wanderer, Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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elaine said...

Great pictures, Mary-Margaret. We recognized some of the locations. For some reason the incline of your driveway is not obvious in the picture.
We can't wait to see you later today. Tell your mom to drive carefully and not at 20 MPH or you will not get here before it is time for your flight back to CA.
abbey mia and harper