Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've been itching and scratching again. Mom took me to see "Dr. Blue Jeans". I gots allergies. Yup. And my "snorfeling" gave me a little ear infection, too. So I got a shot, drops, some Frontline for summer (just in case) an office visit and....I forget. I'm also pretty sleepy right now 'cause of the shot. Oh, and I still get to take the Children's Benedryl. "Dr. Blue Jeans" (Dr. Verreault) says that Aunt Elaine was right. I get 1/2 to 1 teaspoon morning and night. we go to the market and Mom's talking to the checker and she's grousing about the $150.00. The guy behind her says HIS dog went to the doctors for the same thing and it cost HIM about $800.00. Mom quit grousing and shut up. So what if it's our whole grocery allowance and then some, right?

She says I'm worth every penny. That made me feel really special, you know??



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April said...

Our Rosie (a cavalier) has bad allergies too, scratching till she bleeds. But the vet put her on Temaril and she was better in 24 hours, much better! Hope mary Margaret is better soon!