Saturday, July 25, 2009


Mom bought me some Children's Benedryl and is giving me 1/2 teaspoon at night and in the morning, too. We tried to call Aunt Elaine from the medicine aisle of the supermarket but ended up having to leave a message on her voice mail. I hope that's the right amount. I think that's what AbbeyMia gets.

I'd been scratching, wriggling on my back and rubbing up against the furniture. She thought maybe I had allergies. Egads, it's hot and I have been absolutely miserable. Mom was even checking for fleas, as if I'd have any. She'd been poking through my hair even on my butt (like...eeeyeeww?) and she found ONE FLEA. It tried to scurry away but she's fast. She nabbed it, squished it, and drowned it in the sink, and washed it down into the sewer lines.

And then she figured that since she was already there, why not give my lower half a bath with Palmolive dish detergent. Hey...if it's good enough for "Madge the Manicurist", it's good enough for me. Then I got dried off with a clean dish towel. Rub-a-dub dub, she said. (it tickled)

Woo hoo! I feel all refreshed again. And my butt and tail are everly so soft and manageable now, too! :o)

Tomorrow we go see Grandpa. I can't wait. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE him sooooooooooo much. He knows how to treat his GrandPuppy right.


Mary-Margaret "Call me Madge" O'Brien


Twix said...

Hey Mary Margaret! I'm sorry you aren't feeling great. My brother Max (who I never met) used to get that way every summer and had to get a shot at the vet to help. Everything ok with you? I haven't seen you in my neighboorhood lately. Does that Benadryl knock you out?
Love and hugs,

Joanna said...

Hi Mary Margaret!
Ask your mom to take you to a holistic vet to get Belladonna. My yorkie had an allergy to dust mites for several years and it helped. For instant relief try witch hazel or aloe on the area. Also try changing your diet - you could simply be allergic to something in your food. Good luck!