Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The MEN in My Family

I have to tell you that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the men in my family. Yesterday I spent the whole day with my GrandPapa. He's such a nice guy. He talks about how old he is all the time (as if I'd forget) and Mom says he's been doing that since she was my age, which is FOUR (almost) in HUMAN years. He's been practicing and he's just about got it down perfect. Mom told him that she'd be his age in only twenty-four more years, so not to make it look too difficult or it might scare her.

When GrandPapa goes someplace I worry about him. He just went inside Bob's Market for a little bit and I was everly so worried that he'd not come back. After my little walk down the block (which is tradition for me) I stood up and kept looking out the window of the car for him to come back.

Later in the evening after supper we went to Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet's house. I get all excited when I see my Uncle Michael. He gives such nice back rubs. Zooey the Cat was there. He doesn't hiss at me like he used to. Now he just rolls his eyeballs and sighs. This morning he was walking around the edge of the bathtub in his parents' room, and he was sort of wet, like maybe he was trying to drink out of the toilet (eeeyeeeewwwww!). Personally, I think he was just experimenting to see what else he can do for fun. Cousin Zooey is an observer and a researcher, just like his Dad.

I really AM worried about Cousin Zooey, though. It's weird for him to be nice to me. I hope he's not sick or anything. I do love him very much.

Now you know about the men in my family. Aunt Janet could tell that I am very impressed by all of them, including Zooey. Mom says Uncle Michael is my male role model. Now what would a little girl Yorkshire Terrier career puppy need with a male role model, I ask you? Humans have such strange ideas about what us pups are really thinking.

Something to ponder....

Love, Mary-Margaret

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