Saturday, November 29, 2008

Messin' around!

Saturday...long weekend. We did nothing today. Mom fixed a wiggly toilet seat and I practiced the art of napping. We watched movies and the TV picture went out for a bit, so we reset it. Lots of things can be fixed by unplugging them for a bit. Like telephones, computers, televisions.....lots of stuff.

Tomorrow we go to work at the office. We get more done on one Sunday than we do in five weekdays. Strewth, it is. I'm learning Australian thanks to the Bottle Tree.

Next week my mom gets a new eye and my Uncle Michael travels to Kharagpur, West Bengal. We are sending our prayers that he stays safe and sound. That's like half-way between Mumbai and Thailand.




Anonymous said...

Sounds like you sure had a busy dya for a wee thing. I hope your Mum's new eye is good. By the waa, I'm small like you (but not sooo small), and my name is Faith. Wanna play?

Anonymous said...

I hope little Mary-Margaret is feeling better!