Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Letter from Auntie Allie

Dear MM,

I thought you would like to see a photo of my son's rescue dog, Fiona. Fiona is about 1 1/2 years old and was lost for awhile in a big city. The Humane Society could not find her family, and at about the same time, my son was there looking for a dog to adopt. He fell in love with the beautiful Fiona so in a couple of days he returned to pick her up. He brought her home to a nice big house and huge yard that's all fenced with a doghouse and new toys waiting for her there. Soon, he found out that Fiona had heartworms and had to take medicine for several weeks and be kept quiet. So she got to come inside quite a bit and just relax with the humans while she wasn't supposed to be running a lot and chasing her favorite toy, the tennis ball you see in the photo. She is now much better and weighs about 60 lbs. She loves her brave soldier and his wife.

When joking about being in the Army for so long, my son once answered someone who asked "what do you miss about civilian life?" He said, "oh, I just miss my hair, and my dog" He had a dog similar to Fiona, whose name was Max. Max went to the rainbow bridge several years ago. I'm sure he's happy that "his boy" who has been dogless for over 13 years, now has another fine shepherd. Proving that even highly trained soldiers, whom some think of as being "hard", still have a big soft spot for their precious dogs.

You might remember that I have told you about my Fiona who was an exceptional Scottie. She's also at the rainbow bridge, and always in my heart. My son loved our Fiona so much that when I called him to tell him she had passed, I just said "hello" and he said "Fiona. Fiona is gone, isn't she?" He was half a world away but I guess she must have paused on her way to the rainbow bridge to touch him one more time. When he told me about getting a new dog, I was happy for him. Then he said, "Guess what I named her?" I had no idea, really. When he said "Fiona", I was just astounded.

Auntie Allie in Kona

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