Friday, November 28, 2008

"Armageddon" over Thanksgiving dinner!!

(parden the pun...I couldn't help it!)

Arrrrrrrrrrrghhhh....! I think the turkey won this match. Ohhhhhhhhh, [urp!] I had the most everly best Thanksgiving Day. It's the day after now. Ugh! Here's how it went:

10:00AM - left for Grandpapa's
12:00PM - arrived and got fed lunch of chopped chicken leg
2:30PM - left for Aunt Janet & Uncle Michael's house
3:10PM - found hor's d'oeurves tray - cheese is very good to snack on; I discover yummy tidbits that drop on rug and Janet comments that I'm like a furry vacuum cleaner.
3:30PM - discovered that sometimes things that are pretty tasty fall onto the kitchen floor by accident; I help Aunt Janet keep floor clean.
5:00PM - I follow fambly into dining room and get comfy under the table. I'm not disappointed there, either.
6:00PM - following fambly back into kitchen, I continue to be on crumb watch, and I am rewarded with my own plate of turkey, followed by seconds and thirds. Cousin Peter is very perceptive and understanding of my love of the holiday celebration. I go "O-U-T" a couple of times, and check the perimeter of the back yard
6:30PM - I stretch out and nap - did you know a lot of turkey makes you sleepy?
9:00PM - I finally get Mom off the couch by sitting on her chest and "talking", convincing her it's bed time
3:00AM - I wake Mom up to take me to use the "facilities" and then we go back to bed.
6:30AM - Uh oh....I think the turkey wants a re-match. I wake Mom up and barely make it to the bathroom before the turkey reappears the same way it went in. Fortunately, it's easily removed from the berber carpet of the guest room, and I barf up the rest on my piddle pad. I am embarrassed and ashamed, but everyone is very kind to me, and Aunt Janet says most everything comes out of the berber carpet and not to worry.

The rest of the morning I am recovering from Turkey Day, and catching up on my napping. We get to GrandPapa's about 10:30AM on Friday and he offers me more chicken. Mom notices I'm still a bit green around the gills, so I don't accept his hospitality until 12:15PM.

Yorkies have an excellent capacity for recovery, especially when it comes to chicken.

Hope you all had a great day!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

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MJ's doghouse said...

SCORE.......WAY to go mary margaret have had yourself quite a day...