Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mom!

Wow...what a day. Everybody called to give her good wishes, even people she hadn't talked to in a while. That was nice. Then we went to work for a bit and Robert (my main crush) was there in his yellow hard hat, and he took some time to give me belly rubs. Mom took a couple of pictures, too.

Then, Uncle Rudy and the twins, and Uncle Jason and Auntie C came over and took Mom out to a late lunch/early dinner. Whatever it was, she didn't bring anything home for me AND..(ahem)..she says she may never eat again, or at least not for a while.
They all went to RJ's Sizzlin' Steer. As usual the food was great (I hear), except they discontinued the Apple Dumplings which upset both Mom and Auntie C a bit. They've put in a request to reinstate the dumplings.

Me and Uncle Rudy had the run of the house AND backyard. We get along everly so well. Uncle Rudy looks bigger than me, but he's just got more hair. I think I weigh more than him. Oh, who cares. We love each other no matter what and that's what counts, right?

A very good day, I must say. Cailin and Clancy took my bubble wrap but I don't mind. I get tired of popping it anyhow after a while. The bubble wrap made absolutely certain that Auntie Sissy's Cinnamon Plum jam didn't break, and that the really nifty London Christmas ornaments and the pictures of Cade and Carter that she sent for Mom's birthday didn't break. All the way from Minnesota and everything arrived in perfect condition. I think I might have some Plum jam, if it's ok with my mom. She's thinking about it, but she reminded me that plums are just fruit that hasn't become prunes yet....whatever THAT means. I'll let you know more later.

Love and kisses....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien


Carolina said...

Happy Birthday :-)
from Lucie and Carolina


We were just checking up on you to make sure you were doing okay. We hope the fires leave you alone.

Essex & Deacon