Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm not a BABY anymore!!

OH OH OH....Big surprise for me. Sort of a "coming of age", if you will?'s like when humans get their driver's license, or they can vote. TODAY...November 13, 2008....(ahem ahem?).....I got to ride down the elevator AND go get the mail with Mom with NO LEASH on. Yup.

If she stopped, I stopped. If she said "go", I did. I am really full of myself right now. Who knew? Me....all grown up. I tell ya....I'm jazzed. I feel so honored that I am finally trusted to behave myself and not run off. You could tell I was really pleased. Yup. I'm not a puppy any more.



PS - Golly gee, this guy would sure make a good "big brother" for me. Also, being that he's African of descent, he'd be a great pup for the Obama girls, dont'cha think? He's an African Boerboel named "Otis". I found him on the African Boerbel site and was immediately impressed. He could be "Otis Boerboel Obama" if they adopted him. I never heard of an African Boerbel until today, but aren't they kewl??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good job on your behavior, MM!

I don't think the Boerbels look hypo-allergenic, sorry, although BO (tee-hee) will probably need the protection.