Monday, November 03, 2008

Dink's Memorial Fund

Whenever I can, I make a contribution to Dink's Memorial Fund. There's a lot of pups out there who need some extra help, like Bentley and Shadow and....maybe some day, even me...or YOUUUUUU!

My Aunt Connie is running the auction there. See, you can donate your allowance AND get some neat stuff, like shirts, beds, blankets, bows (don't tell Mom about the bows, though) and toys and....well, you just name it. Makes giving pretty much fun, don'tcha think?

Please read Dink's story and look deep inside your hearts AND your pockets. I don't have pockets, but I have a really big heart. So if I have some money and no pockets to put it in, I send it off to Dink's Fund.

Thank you, everydoggy, for your love and support.



FleasGang said...

What a great Cause, MM. Dink would have been a neat guy to meet and just think of all the pups that he has helped and never met!


P.S. Has anypup told you lately that you are totally cute? What am I saying, of course they did!

YorkiExpress said...

Thank You so much Mary Margaret, you are just the sweetest little girl.....and Dink's Fund thanks you so much fr all you have done for it.
Love Auntie Connie and of course your true love Hashimoomoo..!!

Stephi Luken said...

Thank you and hugs to you and your Mom, Mary Margaret. You are beautiful and I'm sure Dink would have loved you! Thanks for your support of Dink's auction.
Stephi Luken
Dink's Mommy

YorkieRescue said...

Mary-Margaret that is so nice of you to put AuntConnie's auction for the Dinks Fund on your Blog. I put a link on my blog to you but I don't know how to add you as my friend on my blog spot. I'm still learning. Mom says I will learn great things from you. Love, Lily