Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting Ready for Turkey Day!!

Oh yum. I think I like roast turkey even better than duck or chicken. Mmm- mmmm-- MMMMMM!! Yup. That is my everly most favorite day, too. The one day that I can have TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY. Forget the cranberry and green bean casserole. It's the turkey I go for.

This year, I was really lucky to get a spa appointment before Thanksgiving. Mom asked Miss Marilyn to trim a little extra on my upper lip. Last time when I got picked up, Mom was giggling about me looking like I had a Groucho Marx mustache. This time, you can actually see my lips. They're not pink like the humans have.

My lips are black, and so are the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet, and my nose. Black black black. I wonder why that is? I mean, think about it. My tummy is pink and my skin (under my fur) is pink. How come not everything? Doesn't make much sense. In humans, no matter what color their skin is, their hands and feet and inside their nose and ears is all pink, pink, pink. Hmmmmmmmm. Oh and I got a double bow - rust and orange - for Thanksgiving. Took me all of maybe 60 seconds to get it out. Usually it takes me a week or so. Must be the doubleness that makes it easier?

Mom says I ask too many questions. Well, how ELSE is a pup to learn, huh? My GrandPapa is EIGHTY-EIGHT years old and he still asks questions. He's very interested in how the universe got started, and he's watching to see how the experiment in the Alps goes. My Dogness, imagine twelve miles of PROTON ACCELERATOR (click on link to see about it!). Whoop-ti-doo!. And if that's not enough for those humans, they're going to smash them together with some "particles" going the other way. BIG BANG!! Maybe next spring, huh? They had a fews months delay because of some little problem. The Pakistanis are worried about it exploding the world. I'm worried about it spilling my water dish.

The picture above is of me at the stop light telling Mom to give it up with the camera, and I do not like "papparazza", thenkyewveddymuch!!

Have a great holiday!

Love, Mary-Margaret


Sparky said...


Turkey! Turkey! Turkey! Can I have some too? Happy Thanksgiving!

I can just see it in your eyes, you telling your human Mom to put down the camera, or else... Hee hee...

I hope you have a grrrrEAT weekend!


desert dweller said...

Mary Margaret has the cutest face!