Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Diary.....

Sorry I haven't written in you for a while. Stuff matter how hard I plan, I know I have to depend on other people to help me, and I can't plan for anybody but me. I try, but you know how it is.

I know where everyone's office is. Mom laughs because she thinks that I'm so little that I shouldn't be a good tracker. But I am. I really am. We go out the door and she says "Go find Auntie Linda!" She's in charge of the whole building, you know. She calls me "PooPoo LaLa" and it makes me smile. No body but Linda can call me that. It's what you might call a "pet name".

I go out the back, up the walkway to Starbuck's....cross over and there's the elevator. I wait while Mom punches #2 and we go up. I get out and walk right over to Aunt Linda's. First, I look in through the glass to see if Ozzie is there. He's my student from Puppy School. He's pretty polite to me but still...he does have big feet and he sometimes accidently steps on me. Not on purpose, but I have to be careful.'s safe. I stand up and look in and Linda sees me. "POO POO LA LA", she says, and I race right over to her and give her kisses. I just love her so much. I've known her ever since I was a baby. Then I go visit Mike McMillin who owns the building. Ozzie is his brother, and is Mike's Mom's dog. I give him kisses, too, and then tell Mom to quit yakking, and that it's time to go to work.

A couple of days ago I saw a familiar face on the sidewalk in front of our building. was Opie, a black miniature poodle. We met at Miss Marilyn's Day Spa a few months ago. We circle and sniff and then sniff and pounce. It's a pup thing, but you get the drift. Our mom's start talking and his mom asks what my name is. "Mary-Margaret O'Brien", says my mom. Woo hoo....she tells mom that me and Opie already had a play date at Miss Marilyn's and that's how come we are so friendly. What can I say? I know LOTS of people and pups around town. Mom's pretty amazed that more people know me than her.

Oh yeah...the other thing is that our building was getting painted. One of the painters was lying on the deck on his side so he could paint under the window sills. I tippy-toed up to him and sniffed a little here....a little there....(hee hee)...and he didn't even notice me. Then, I gave him a really big schlurpy kiss and he went "Whooooooooa!". (hehehehehehhe) He laughed and we played a bit. He wouldn't let me get into the paint, though. Darn it all.

What else? Ummmmm....Oh, I know. We got to work this morning and I saw my friend Robert. Some people call him Bob, but he's Robert to me. He had a treat in his pocket for me and I made him feel really loved for a while. Mom said to hurry up, we were late for work. So I said goodbye to my friends and skittered up the stairs.

I just LOVE my work and my clients. Even my friend, Jami, came by today, and had lunch with me. We played for a bit and then she had to go back to work and so did I.

Sorry about not having pictures for you. The darn battery needs to be charged again. Maybe tomorrow?



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FleasGang said...

That was a great "day in the life" of MM O'Brien. I especially liked that you snuck a kiss on the painter!