Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday is Fambly Day

Yesterday, my Uncle Michael and Aunt Janet brought my Grandpapa down to MY house, and everybody (except MEEEEE) went out to lunch. I got kisses, cuddles and belly rubs before they left, and Mom told me to answer the phone and take messages. Nobody called, so it wasn't a problem. When they got back, I got some more kisses and cuddles, and then they left, except for Mom, who plopped into her big leather chair and sighed. Sometimes things wear her out more now than they used to. She said they went to the South Coast Winery and that it was VERY VERY good. That's right.....rub salt in the wound, why don't you. And NEXT will take MEEEEEEE! Right? Hmmmmm???

Tonight was just relaxing time. We had dinner and she nestled into her chair and me on the couch, and we watched "Two and a half Men". We're hooked on it now, and absolutely love it. All the re-runs are new to us because we never watched it before a couple of months ago. Pretty interesting characters, and just the funniest script ever.

As I was dozing off, Mom stretched and accidently stuck her foot in my face. Wow...that was unexpected and I shot up like a fireworks display. How DARE she? I got all a-twitter and snapped at her big toe. Hmmmmmph. The rudeness of some people. She apologized over and over but I'm making her suffer. How would SHE like it if someone about 25 times bigger than her stuck a foot into HER face, hmmmmmmmm?

That's all for now. Off to bed. G'night and God bless...

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Mary-Margaret!
We like Two and a Half Men too! They are so funny!
Forgive your mom. Sure she did not do it on purpose!
Kisses and hugs