Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy End of February

Wow. Only 28 days. It sure went fast, didn't it? I am officially SEVENTEEN MONTHS old now. Woo hoo! So, if I were a PEEPLE, I'd be...hmmmm....(mumbling... seventeen times seven divided maybe almost ten? Which is actually pretty grown up. Mom says I've come a long way. And really, I have.

When I was a baby, I'd chew her shoes. Now I still get them out of her closet but I surprise her by putting my rawhides or cookies inside. It's just my way of saying I love her, I guess. She's gotten to the point where she shakes her shoes out before putting them on, and I'm always happy to see something fall out that I'd forgotten where I put it.

When I was a baby, she'd say "Come here, Mary-Margaret!" and I took that as an invitation to play chase and "catch me if you can". NOW that I'm all grown up, I just sit down, right where I am, and let her put my leash on. I don't even mind it because I know I'm going someplace and I absolutely EVERLY LOVE SO MUCH car rides.

OH OH OH...and I don't want to forget to tell you this? Really important. I do NOT have accidents on the carpet any more. I don't even use my piddle pads except in the middle of the night when I know it's useless to try to wake Mom up. It's like SOOO baby to piddle on the carpet. If I'm really miffed at Mom I might leave her a "present", but it's the kind she can pick up and she usually knows WHY I did it and says something like "Oh, Mary-Margaret! It's all my fault, I'm sure!". So it's not even fun to punish her in that way any more.

Nope! I am a very grown up puppy, and take my responsibilities very seriously. I go to work, greet people, make them feel very loved, and even relax them if they're uptight about stuff. I rid the yard of cats (except Big Orange, but that's another matter entirely), and keep my mom company. I have a very good life, I think.

And if I haven't said so lately, thank you to all my friends for reading my blog and reminding me when I forget to write. Mostly I just run out of time or my mom is too tired to help me. But it's important to me that you all know how much you mean to me. Really, you DOOOOO!!

Love and puppy-licks,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien


Ebbi said...

Mary Margaret, I am TWO YEARS OLD today, and guess what, it's my other dog Beazli's birthday too, he is ELEVEN, very old and grumpy. You look like a cute fluffy puppy and I think I would like to chase you, can you run fast? Love and kisses

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

We love you too M-M :-) Thanks for being my friend.


Fu Fu said...

Hi Mary-Margaret, you might be alittle older but you're still cute. :)

~ fufu