Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hello again, everybody!

I tell you, my mom gets soooo sidetracked sometimes. I keep bugging her to take dictation and she just rolls her eyes at me and says "Later, Mary-Margaret!". I know she's been pretty preoccupied with getting her notary renewed before the old one expired. She got her stuff done yesterday and she's good 'til 2011 now.

Um...let's see. I've been working hard myself. Have lots of clients coming into the office that need attention. I try to give that to them and I make them all feel really important. That's my job and I do it well. It's amazing how one teensy little lick or nuzzle can make the most hyperly stressed client to forget all his problems. Yup. I do that! Every day from whenever until 5:00PM. Except weekends which are MINE!

What I like is when MY clients, like Mrs. Lillard, call me first to make sure I'll be there before they come in. Now THAT is really special. Tells me I'm doing something right!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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Dachsies Rule said...

Hello, M-M!

Sorry we haven't been to visit in a while. We hope you had a lovely Valentine's day. Are you staying away from cashews? When do you move to PA? Will you still blog so we can keep in touch? Now that we have had the chance to catch up, we realize how much we have missed you.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy