Saturday, February 10, 2007

What's YOUR Favorite Dog?

Hmmmmm? You can VOTE HERE once a day. The ChowChows are banding together and running a tight campaign. Us Yorks have managed to gain almost 200 votes since last week, but we need help.

If you're here, reading my blog, please vote "Yorkshire Terrier" as your favorite dog.

Thank you very much. We Yorks and Yorkettes appreciate it.

Love, Mary-Margaret


Blue said...

OK, I love Springer Spanials but you're sure cute & win my vote over ChowChows.. power to youre campaign

chiyo said...

errr... i would say my favorite dog is me. but i'll tell HM to vote for you :)

about the luxating patellas, would natural remedies help? what about hydrotherapy and all that? surgery is so expensive!