Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dear Grandma...

and Auntie Leslie, Aunt Vicki and everyone else that I love. I'm really miffed at my mom right now. She's been working so hard and I think she should make the time to help me with my blog. She says I'm lucky she has the strength to fix my supper. OK....I agree. Between the blog and supper, I would pick supper. Ohhh...just thinking about it make my mouth water. MMMMMM.....fresh chopped roast chicken with some kibbles, all tossed in water to make like a soupy gravy. In a bowl. I tell YOUUUUU...what I wouldn't do for my supper.

But I digress. The whole purpose of me writing is to tell you that if if were up to MEEEEE I'd be posting every night. Not having thumbs (you know, it's a dog thing?) I can't type and my spelling isn't all that hot either. So I NEED my mom to help.

I think we're going back East in a couple of weeks. I hope "WE" are going, anyway. I want to see my new house. Mom's all nervous about stuff going the way it's supposed to. I'll keep you posted, though.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Anonymous said...

My sweet MM, First, give your mom a bunch of hugs & kisses & ask her to pretty please keep up on helping you with your blog. I'm sure the both of you know how many people & fur babies read it. When we are happy you make us happier, when we are down we go to your blog & read it & 99 out of 100 times you'll put a smile on our faces & make us feel better. There are a few times we worry about you after reading it, like that mean old cat hissing & swinging it's paw at you but, reading your mom went out there and yelled at it made me giggle. I can just see her telling off a dumb old cat. But, you were OK & that's all that matters. And reading that you 2 are going back east again I hope it's with thoughts of making that new house a SUMMER house ONLY. We need you in Calif. & don't want you nor your mom to move away. You 2 have ALLOT of people here who love you both so VERY much. I'm sure you 2 will make friends there but look at everyone here who have & do love you for years & years. They will always love you but the hurt of missing you both will really be sad so, please just use that new house for vacations & stay here where EVERYONE loves you both so VERY much. Now, how are your knees ?? You better tell everyone on the group how your doing cuz I'm sure there are a bunch of them that are worried about you. Loving you both, Aunt Shelly & gang