Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Big Orange" is back

Yup. He spent the night under MY daisy bush. I went out this morning to check out my fort and guess who was sound asleep in it? Hmmmmmmm? THAT'S RIGHT!! That mean old cat. I bark and bark until my throat is raw. Finally, Mom comes out and says to me "NO! Mary-Margaret. Come here!". Like she's sticking up for "Big Orange" and not meeeeeee. So I get picked up and Mom says "Scat, CAT!". But it just looks at her with those big green eyes. She says he looks like "Puss in Boots" from "Shrek II".

We go over to the garden tools and she picks out a pool skimmer (no we don't have a pool, we just have a skimmer...don't ask why, please?) and we walk over to the bush. She taps the leaves and Big Orange hops over the fence. Well, HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL? Orange leaves for Mom and not for me. It's MY job to clear the yard of cats and I feel like a failure.

I've been pouting on and off all day.

That's it for now...I'm in a funk.

Love, Mary-Margaret


Fu Fu said...

Hey Mary-Margaret, "Big Orange" doesn't sound like a nice cat to me...

~ fufu

Mary-Margaret said...

He's not. I can see right through him. He's sneaky and cunning. He's a "MAN-ipulator". Hmmph!