Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cashews and Oopsies!

Have I mentioned how much I love cashew nuts? Oh yum...they are the absolutely most best nuts ever. But maybe I had too many last night. (burp)

I'm sure glad my mom loves me. I THREW UP THREE TIMES last night after we went to bed. Twice on her new comforter and once on the floor. A whole bunch of stuff each time. WOW. I bet I lost half my body weight. Mom just got out of bed, grabbed the paper towels and went to work. Even she was impressed by how much I threw up. I'm thinking maybe I set a record or something? She managed to get it all off both the comforter and the floor and this morning there weren't even spots.

So, after all the excitement, I slept like a log. I even snored, which is ok according to Mom because I didn't move all night and she could at least tell I was still alive. What a sense of humor, I tell YOUUU!

Feeling everly so much better now and back to cat chasing. I think I'll lay off the cashews in case that was what did it. How come stuff that tastes the best is the worst for you?? Doesn't seem very well thought out, does it!

Love, Mary-Margaret

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