Monday, March 21, 2011

"Wicked" Sunday

Thank you, Auntie Leslie, for taking my mom to see "Wicked" yesterday. That was the absolutely nicest thing anyone has done for her EVER!! She kept flashing on the costumes, the songs and the story as she played the CD ALL THE WAY HOME!! She's all starry-eyed and still enveloped in the magic. She says she understands why you've seen the show 21 times and and you just keep on going.

I left her a message on the carpet. She didn't mention she'd be gone almost TEN hours. She leaves me kibble, water and piddle pads, but I need MORE!! I need COMPANY!!! Oh sure, I could have barked out the window to passers-by, but it was POURING RAIN! Who goes out walking in a downpour, I ask you? HMMMMMMMMM????

I simply said, as clearly and concisely as possible, that I totally support her efforts to "Live life as a participant instead of as a spectator!". Rather profound, don't you think? Too many people just watch and comment without doing anything. And when it's all over, what do they have? I am merely suggesting that she take me with her next time. I know I would have enjoyed the music just as much as she did.

Emphatically and dramatically yours....


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