Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday Message - March 13, 2011

Happy Daylight Savings Time where ever you are!

Gooooood morning, everyone. Welcome to Chapel this 13th day of March, 2011. Yorkie Prayers have been in overdrive this past week and we've witnessed many miracles. We've seen Richard get well enough to go home to his Patti and Eleanor. We've seen Chi-Chi come back to her family with a good prognosis. Walter is as good as new and Esperansa had her 15th birthday yesterday - how many of you remember how hard we prayed when she had her mastectomy about a year ago?

We can ask God for little favors and we can ask God for miracles. He always answers our prayers in one way or the other. We don't always recognize an event as an answer to our prayer, but God is with us and we have to trust not only that he knows best, but that he also expects us to do our part, too!

This is an excellent example of how God works:

The Flood (author unknown)

The rain fell, the waters rose, and the river overflowed it's banks. Homes flooded and families began to evacuate. One man stopped at his neighbors house to offer aid. "Neighbor," he cried, "the waters are rising! Bring your family into my truck and I will take you to safety."

"No," replied his neighbor, "I will not go, for I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and He shall protect me and my family."

The rain still fell and the waters still rose. Soon the man and his family had to go to the second floor of the house to escape the water. An Emergency Rescue crew found the family, and said "The waters still rise. Get into our boat and we will take you to safety."

"No," said the man, "My faith is strong! God shall protect me and my family and we shall come to no harm."

The rain would not stop. The waters rushed higher. As the man and his family clung to the roof of their house a helicopter rescue team flew over and dropped them a ladder. Again the man refused. "I do not fear! I believe in God, and he shall protect us. We will not go."

The entire family drowned.

The man, who, in life, had been a goodly man, found himself before God. "God!" the man sobbed, "I believed in you, and trusted you to protect me and my family. How could you just let us die like that? Why did you not save us?"

And God replied: "I sent a truck, a boat, and a helicopter - what exactly were you waiting for?"

We have been brought together by our common desire to believe in the goodness of our fellow creatures, to trust in the Lord's way, and to desire to make the world a brighter, lighter and more peaceful place to live in.

Thank you, Lord, for providing this forum for us to share and to learn and to LOVE.


Please turn to your neighbors and wag your tails as a sign of peace, and remember to BE what you wish OTHERS to BE!!

Instead of coffee and donuts in our newly constructed Chez de le Chien, we are serving Birthday Cake, made especially for Esperansa, and created by our Assistant Pastor, a dog of many talents......Neeko S. Spaulding, Phd AND...ta daaaa...PASTRY CHEF. I took a peek earlier and it's an absolute work of art. See?

Don't forget to pick up your personal items (links, photos, advertisements, solicitations, etc) on your way out.

Blessings to all....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade Chapel

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Love your sermons Mary-Margaret!