Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The BEST Day of My Life!!

OHMYGAWSH!! We got to the bank this morning and all the ladies said "Look who's here, Mary-Margaret!".

"Huh?", I said? "Who?" And I saw this lady in jeans and sandals from the back and she sorta looks familiar and ....WHOOAAAA!!! My heart be still. It's GINA GINA GINA! She used to work here at the bank and she and I were very best friends. She used to bring me duck jerky, and bows and things. We even shared her water (although she started bringing it a bottle instead of having it in a cup by her work station after I helped myself one day!). I have MISSED her so much. I guess she missed me, too. We just ran into each others arms and started lovin' all over.

Mom said she wanted to get her cell phone with the camera so she started to leave. I just sat there on the floor with GINA and all my friends, and I said "Fine! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!", and I stayed. I didn't panic or anything. I was with GINA!! I think maybe I hurt Mom's feelings but....geez! It's GINA!!!

Mom did her banking stuff and said "Come on, Mary-Margaret! We have to go!". Nope! (I say) I'm not leaving Gina. I don't know when I'll ever get to see her again. I will stay here, thank you!

"Mary-Margaret! COME!", Mom says. Uh oh. I can tell the difference between her fun voice and her serious voice. Still...maybe I could squeeze a few more minutes out with Gina? Maybe? I mean, she gives the best belly rubs EVER!!

"Come on!", she says. "We have to go see Doug!". Oh well, then. I guess it's time to go. Doug is our accountant and he is another one of my VERY good friends.

I know exactly where his office is. As soon as we get inside the front door of the building Mom drops my leash and says "Go find Doug!". I skitter up the stairs and start to turn right on the landing and...(sniff sniff)...I smell CHILDREN! Making a quick "U" turn, I go to the left instead. When Mom gets to the top of the stairs she can't see me and hollers quietly "Where are you, Mary-Margaret?".

She hears some laughing from down the hall and starts heading that way. I'm visiting with the school secretary and some other ladies before I go hunting for children. Ooops. Here comes Mom. I dash off toward the classrooms.

"Get back here, young lady!", she says, and adds "We have to go see Doug!". Oh well, that's different. I forgot about that. So I go back down the hallway, poking my nose in all the classrooms, which seem to be empty for the moment, and I end up at Doug's door. One of his clients opens the door and I head for the cookie table. I've been coming here for about five years. I KNOW where the COOKIE table is.

Once we get into Doug's office I check the perimeter out. It's just what I do. I found another cookie but I think I've had my quota for the day. I go over to Doug and stand up tall between his legs so he'll know I want to get up. I have to check out his work and make sure all the numbers are right.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. I had some lunch and caught up on my napping.
The excitement of the morning was way more than I'm used to. I think I tired myself out. Seeing both GINA and DOUG in one day made this the absolutely everly BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!



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Lisa said...

I just love to hear about your escapades Mary-Margaret. I wish you could come visit me at work. I bet Gina missed you as much as you missed her. Have a great rest of the week you two!
By the way you look marvelous Mary-Margaret!