Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's that time of year. Around tax time it always gets sort of slow. Mom figured it out that if a month is divisible by 4, it's a slow month. April = tax time; August = vacations; December = Christmas and Hanukkah. ALWAYS the same. Never fails.

So we did a little of this...a little of that. I even got to go on a long walk but I was so distracted I forgot why I went on the walk in the first place. It's ok. I can hold it for a long time. I've got a big tank!

So...we're home and Mom's got a stuffed pork chop in the oven. She's never made one before so she's guessing on how long to bake it for. 325° for an hour? We'll let you know. If that doesn't work I'll share my chicken with her. I have plenty.

Love you guys....


(PS added 4/1/11 - FYI, I played it safe and had my usual chicken and kibble. But for the stuffed pork chop? 325° for 50 minutes worked really well. Next time, though, we'll have applesauce with it!!)

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