Friday, March 04, 2011

A day at the spa!

This one's for you, Grandpa. We arrived at the "spa" at 9:00AM sharp and I was met at the door by my very good friend Madison. She's having a little set back with her disorderly nerves. I can't remember what it's called exactly, but she gets all loopy and sort of loses her balance. Her neurologist gives her some prednisone and other stuff to help her out. We thought she was getting better last month but she just started veering off to one side again and holding her head funny. Still, she's my VERY best friend and I give her lots of loving when I'm there. We both have peach colored bows today, thanks to Madison's mom.

When my mom went to pick me up she turned on her flasher showing that she was going left and as she started to turn some airhead coming the other way did a "U-ey" (u-turn) in the middle of the street and almost t-boned her. Mom squeaked like she does when she's rattled, and the other lady just glared at her like it was my mom's fault. It was most definitely NOT, but some people are just like that. The other lady was really snooty to Mom while she picked up her German Shepherd. That's so unnecessary. You'd think the lady would have just said "Sorry!" and let it go.

Oh well. See why I like being a dog? Hmmmmmm? I have a great life, no stress, regular meals, friends, treats, and I get to watch TV whenever I want. Oh...and now that Auntie Elaine has gone home, I have my very own comfy leather chair to sit in. See? Mom's even been muttering, "I wish I were like my dog!" a lot lately. Silly woman!!

Hope all is well in your world.

Smoochies and Scnoozles...

Mary-Margaret, your ever-lovin' Grand Doggie

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Lisa said...

Wowee Mary-Margaret you are just beautiful. That first picture should be entered in the Bissell contest. So pretty. I gave Ozzy a bath and trimmed up his face this weekend and he's looking pretty handsome too. Has his little manly trot going with his new studded Harley collar too. Have a great day you two!