Thursday, August 12, 2010

If a dog bites a man...

If a dog bites a man he is picked up by animal control, caged, tested, and sometimes even killed. But if a man commits an act of cruelty on an animal, the scales of justice are unbalanced. See the story about Oscar, the Cat who lives near our Pennsylvania house.

Mom says you never know about people and what evil they're capable of. I can pretty much tell by the way they smell or taste, but if I were standing next to this idiot with the cross-bow, that might be me with the holes in my little body.

Just one question, Lord? WHY??

Your humble servant and messenger....



Molly's Momma said...

Like you said Mary Magaret why ? Maybe because we would never dream of harming an animal thats why we cannot understand those that do. I feel for Oscars family and Molly and I are sending him healing vibes perhaps a power of the pawer prayer would not go amiss what do you think?
I know your Mom keeps you safe and sound but just you watch out little one if you live near Oscar.
With love

Molly Momma

Molly said...

Ohh Mary , I has puts a shout out for Oscar on my bloggy so the paws of prayer will do their stuffs. I hopes poor Oscar feels better soon and they catches the horrid person that dids this evil fing


George the Lad said...

OMG this is just horrifying that some one could do this, please past on my best wishes to the owners, so gald he pulled though this.
See Yea George and Jan xxx

Frankie Furter said...

Hello Mary Margaret, I am a furend of Molly's and she told us about Your furend Oscar. I am very much sorry that happened. Some two leggers should never be allowed out!

Maggie Mae said...

Hi Mary Margaret,

I am a furiend of Molly's too. She told us 'bouts the horrible thing that happened to your furiend Oscar so I came right over to let you know that I am sending puppy prayers his way. Please keep us updated on his condition AND if they catch the(insert HBO words here) that did this to him.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

rottrover said...

Hi Mary Margaret,
I came from Molly's, too. We'll keep healing thoughts for your friend Oscar. Hope they catch the guy soon.

Mango said...

My eyes are filled with tears for that poor little kitty and his family. What a horrible thing to do. I hope the little guy is OK and they find out who did it. I worried so much when I read they have other pets that are in danger as well.


mayziegal said...

Hi Mary Margaret. I'm a furend of Molly's and she told me abouts poor little Oscar. I don't understand it either and it makes me very sad. I hope they catch whoever did this before they do it to another animal or a person!

My paws are crossed and I'm sending sweet Oscar my most powerful brindle wishes for him to get better soon.

Gentle wiggles & wags,

Amalia Spaulding said...

Oh! Mary-Margaret... I still have tears in my eyes as I write this...
I'm not going to show this to Neeko as I know he will want to go and find that awful creature that did this horrible act.
I'm sooo sorry that horrendous acts like this are happening in our lives every day and so many innocent souls suffer.
Sending prayers to sweet Oscar for speedy recovery...
Amalia :'''-(

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello Mary Margaret~

We are furriends of Miss Molly Pops.

We came over to offer our thoughts and pawrayers for Oscar~

Sorry that has hit to close to home.

What is wrong with people?

IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

Mr. Pip said...

Molly sent me over. This is just the most awful thing I have heard in a long time. I hope Oscar feels better soon! I am sending him many healing thoughts.

Your pal, Pip

Two Pitties in the City said...

This is so frightening. It's scary to think that we actually have to interact with people who are entertained by doing horrible things like this.

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry about your friend Oscar. I saw the picture, but couldn't bring myself to watch the video. My friend works at a Vet's office in our area and someone brought them a pitbull they found on the side of the road. They believe he had been "the bait" for dog fighting. They named him Lenny and he might not make it. I saw a picture of him on TV and it was heartbreaking. My friend said that he stays curled up in a ball in the corner. They have had a lot of people asking to take him if he does make it. Hopefully he'll have a chance to be loved in this lifetime. Prayers and good thoughts for Lenny too.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

It's OK, Lisa. Really! It is! Oscar got on the news and "what goes around" is going to go "splat" right on that creep that shot him. We'll say prayers for Lenny and ask that God watch over him and help him to get better. The world is a very different place than it was when my mom was a pup (she says), but there are still a lot of good humans out there. You're one of them. :o)