Saturday, August 07, 2010

Checking in....!

Why do photos from cell phones take so long to get places??

Mom took this back on July 23rd with her 'Droid, sent it to her email and it JUST NOW GOT HERE. Go figure, huh?

On the way home yesterday we saw that not everybody's parents care as much about keeping them safe as my mom. Tsk! No carseat or anything, not even a helmet. What if they came to a quick stop? Or got in an accident? If there's a law out there to protect human kids in a car, why can't there be one to protect fur babies? Hmmmmmm?

And here's what I look like after a hard week's work. Friday is my most favorite day of all. I always visit my bank, go to the market and then relax just knowing that I have a whole two days to kick back and do what I love best - sleep and patrol for cats.

This week, pretty much, has been good. Except for getting grounded for my "adventure", I was a very excellent pup. Again, at the market yesterday, I remembered my training and kept my composure. Some of the market people wanted to pet and cuddle me, and even give me kisses, but I stood my ground and stayed calm and stoic throughout. It was especially hard with Janet, too. I think maybe I hurt her feelings a bit which I never EVER want to do. I gave her a quick kiss on her hand, but quickly recovered my decorum..."decorum"...wierd word, huh? But I had it down pat and got complimented (again) all the way home.

That's my report for now, Grandpa. Nothing much to yap about.

Love ya...

Your ever obedient grand puppy...



Hailey said...

Get some much deserved R&R!

Hugs & smoochies xoxo

Lisa said...

Hi Mary-Margaret and Mom,
First, I'd like to say what a cute picture that is of you. Is that how you blow kisses. You look like you're smiling too. Very complimentary if I might say so. Second, I don't even get me started about dogs riding in the back of pick-up trucks. One day I saw a German Shepard in the back of a pick-up truck and standing on top of the tool box on the business route of a highway! Lot's of stop & go traffic and right at one of the most dangerous intersections in our area (the most injury & fatal accidents also). If I would have been going the same way I would have followed him and then given him a piece of my mind. Ok, like I said.... don't even get me started on that subject.
Have a nice week you too.

Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous!

You look GREAT in pictures. How did your Mommy get you to look at her Droid at the perfect moment???
My Mommy can never get me with her phone like this...

I'm with you 100% of the danger some humans put their furry babies in. Very scary... I feel so sad for those babies that have such irresponsible parents :-(

Loving youuu,
Neeko ♥♥♥