Friday, August 27, 2010

Lake Wynonah, PA

Philadelphia just before sunrise. Cailin took this out her window on the plane.

The biggest spiderweb that anybody has ever seen. Cailin even tossed a couple of branches maybe 3-4 feet long at it, and they stuck like velcro. Doesn't that look like maybe a rabbit or a squirrel inside? The whole thing was maybe over 10 feet long.

The skies around here are very definitely blue. No smog. Even the clouds look happy.

The lake - the woods - the sky......! So peaceful!

Cailin takes the most amazing photographs. She's so artistic, and knows exactly how to balance her subject so that the viewer not only sees, but feels the moment as well.

We're all enjoying ourselves here in the Blue Mountains. Even though we've only been here for two days, it feels like two weeks. No stress....and Shannon is taking care of the office absolutely perfectly. We are very lucky to have her and the rest of our team to keep our much appreciated clients from missing me and Mom very much.

Ahhhhhhh....! This is the life!

Even my chipmunk friends dropped by to say hello this morning. One for me and one for Cailin. We haven't seen our resident ground hog yet, but I'm sure he'll show up. We see where he's been digging under our front porch.

We love you, Grandpa. Maybe we can talk tomorrow. We should probably call you around 10PM our time which will be 7PM your time. We'll check in and, if you're not home, we can leave you a message.

Mary-Margaret "Having fun..wish you were here!" O'Brien

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Neeko said...

Wow Gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing divine nature with us! You are one lucky Girl to visit such beautiful place.
Have lots and lots of fun!!!

Loving youuu,
Neeko :o)