Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Delaware Valley Yorkshire Terrier Club Pageant

Wow...what a blast. So many Yorks and Yorkettes. I've never seen such a crowd of my kind in one place. They were all so beautiful, too. All dressed up for the beauty pagent, with long silky hair and bright red bows. It was fun to watch such "professional" Yorkies strut their stuff.

First thing I did when I got there was look for my sweet Hashimoto. "Well, Hello!" I said, and he winked at me and went into his room, expecting ME to follow.

"Uh...excuse me?" (I said) "No dinner, no flowers, no candy...?". I was bummed. It had been a year or more since I'd seen him in person and I guess my expectations were too high.

I was a bit mollified, though, when Connie handed me a dress (made by DeeDee) that Hashi picked out for me about a year ago. Oh my gosh!! It was EXACTLY me!! Western style in a buckskin type of material that feels like suede, with fringe and turquoise "beading" and ....oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I got put back into the x-pen and immediately walked directly under Hashi's tail, between his back legs, to tell him all was well in our relationship. He's so non-fluffable in his demeanor. That's probably one of the reasons I love him so. He just lifted up his back right leg to make room for me and we stood like that for a and him together, with his leg across my back, just feeling the closeness of each other. It was everly so romantic...for a moment, anyway. Then my mom notices what's going on and sort of freaks and says to Connie "Is she wet? Did he pee on her?". Oh DOG, I thought I would die of embarassment. How could she even think such a thing. She's so NOT with the program. I hope nobody was offended by her comment. I just glared at her.

Being quite embarassed by it all, I decided to mingle for a while, leaving Hashi in our pen alone so he could meditate for a moment or two. I think he might have been a bit insulted, too. Being leashless and wearing my new outfit, I was an immediate friend to many new acquaintances, both Yorkie and human. I walked the walk, sniffing and kissing, up and down the hallway outside the pageant room. Then we went inside and I "sat like a big girl", and watched all the pups do their thing.

(You can see my fringe in this picture)

It was a great day. I met Dave and Diane Ross, met a lot of other great folks, got to see my sweetheart and my future mother-in-law again, was gifted with a beautiful new dress AND....ta to pick out my very own silk bed by Stow Creek Designs (Connie's company). I picked purple and blue. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm told I won it as a prize in a contest. I'm not sure exactly what I did, but I'm sure glad I won. I'm in heaven.

We love you, Grandpa!! Wish you were here!



PS - There was a chipmunk on my back step when I got up this morning, and later Cailin saw a little red fox walk through our backyard. Matt (who helps us at the house) saw a bear in his backyard yesterday. This is everly so much fun.

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