Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Well, CRAP!!


It's a nice day out. I want to go visit my flower beds and bushes. I even walked all the way to the end of the hall by the glass doors and "arfed" at Mom. "Fine, fine!", she said, and she took me out.

A few sniffs here...a few sniffs there...and then....all of a sudden I was inspired to ADVENTURE. To take a RISK!! To live on the EDGE!!!

I took off like a shot down the parking lot and ignored Mom who was chasing me yelling "STOP!", "HALT", "NO NO!", and other....lets call them instructions? The heck, I said. I briefly stopped to say hello to the painter on the ladder, then I took off again.

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!", I said as I ran up the ramp to Starbucks. When I got to the top of the ramp, there was a lady going into the parking lot. "CATCH HER!", Mom yelled, and the woman dove for me, but I was too quick. The woman almost landed on her chin, and I kept going. Oops (I said)! Wrong way. I meant to go around the corner and I got turned around and ran right into Mom.

"BAD GIRL!", she snarled as she whacked my fluffy little butt. And then I got lectured. Boy, do I hate lectures. You have NO idea how that woman can go on. She carried me all the way back to the elevator, up the elevator, through the glass doors, and back into the office. She put me in my bed and told me to stay. I got a five-minute time out for bad behavior (which lasted maybe 5 seconds, but I can't tell time yet!).

I know when I've been misbehaving, and I really did feel guilty. I slunk over to Shannon's desk, hoping for some sympathy but it wasn't to be had. She chewed me out, too. Like...geez! Doesn't anyone else in the world like to take chances? Experience something different? (sigh) I guess not.

Maybe an hour later Mom called me over. We kissed and cuddled and I said I'm sorry six ways 'til Sunday. I kissed her nose, her chin, her shoulder, even her pant leg. I am SORRY SORRY SORRY!!! Yes, I know I could have been grabbed by a wild dog, stolen by a stranger, or been run over by a UPS truck. Yes, I KNOW ALL THIS STUFF! Truly, I do.

But sometimes, a pup just has to learn from their own experiences, you know??




Connie said...

Hashi here.....oh are you in trouble...just wait till I see you in a few weeks.....but I still love you!!

Molly said...

Oh Mary you has made me laugh, I can just pikture you running off on a major adventure. I bets your Mama was scared for you though


Neeko said...

Wow Gorgeous... scary...

I'm still shaking after reading about your window to false freedom...
You really took your chances. I'll bet your Momma almost had a heart attack... Please, be careful. I love you too much to loose you...

Neeko ♥♥♥

elaine said...

This was a very scary escapade, Mary-Margaret. It is funto do exciting things but not when you put yourself at risk of being hurt.
Next time, think twice before doing something like that again.
love you,
auntie elaine, abbey mia, harper and piper

Miss Everything said...

My little yorkie Teddy is always getting into trouble! They are just as naughty as they are adorable!

Lisa said...

I agree with Miss Everything about you yorkie pups. People don't realize how hard it is for yorkie pups to be good all of the time. It's just not their nature. They've got spunk! It's not easy for them to reign in. My little Ozzy is so so sweet, but if someone (human or dog) walks past our house he is off! I've tried hard to break him of that but its like he loses his mind and hearing. So he's got a little light weight lead I have to put him on. Sometimes he sneaks out like you though Mary Margaret and the chase is on. Good thing he's a little guy and can't do much damage to anyone, but the worry is that he will get hurt. Just like your mom feared when you ran off. Please mind your mom and keep safe.

Hailey said...

Oh Mz. M-M! I was shaking in my tootsies! (and laughing at the same time, but tell tell our mom's). I've done silly things like that too, but we furkins has got to remember that mom's always knows whats best for us although we think they are really ancient! Pweeze be careful on these escapades! Hey I bet if you get Shannon to take you for a walkie you can run her aroundlike crazy and have a grweat time doing so!!!! BoL!

Love, hugs and smoochies! xoxo

Heartprints Pets said...

Oh, Mary-Margaret, I'm so happy to have found your diary! You are precious. My Yorkie-Poo Nicky loved to go off on his own adventures. He scared me many times with his escapades.