Thursday, November 05, 2009

What the bank said!

We got a call from the bank this morning. Here's how it was explained to my mom:

When the teller closed out her work two days ago she had a couple of extra checks. She made up another deposit slip and put the $650.00 into our account. (Nobody likes loose checks floating around, right?) So what we want to know is....if she fixed what she thought was a problem on the same day, how come they only took out the money and didn't put it back in?

Here's what we think of that "explanation" - (click here)

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - We get our $4.00 back that they charged us for correcting OUR mistake (HAH!). Mom said they ought to give us back another $4.00 that we are charging them for THEIR mistake. You want to know what they said? Hmmmmmm? Click on the "click here" link again.


Lisa Grand Rapids, Mi said...

Mary-Margaret you're soooo funny!
Cute too!

Sugar Princess & Baby Sweet Pea said...

Oh MM you were so polite to the bank!! It is just not fair that they don't have to pay for THEIR mistakes.