Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today, November 19, my GrandPapa has a birthday. This is a very special birthday because he's going to be 89. Yup. EIGHTY-NINE. He takes pretty good care of himself, eats well (unless you count potato chips, ice cream and Mountain Dew), and he gets up and out every single day. We think he has more energy than me and Mom combined.

We're going to go see him on Thanksgiving. OHhhhhh!!! I can't WAIT. I just love it when fambly gets together, don't you? I wish we could have absolutely everyone to our house but it's just not possible any more. Mom's got arthur-itis in her back and she can't bustle about like she used to. I've seen pictures and heard stories about when she used to get as many as 26 people to a sit-down dinner. That's when my Aunt Susie and Uncle Sneakers were still here. Counting them, that's 28.

Anyway...everybody wish my Grandpapa a very happy birthday. I know we do. And we send him hugs and lots of slurpy kisses.

From our hearts, Grandpapa... You are the BEST!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Lacy said...

w00fs, happy late birthday to ur grandpapa...hope he has many many more birthdays..

b safe,