Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Counting on my fingerettes....

One...two...three...four! That's how many checks we had in our bank deposit yesterday afternoon. Today, the bank said we were missing two checks and they took $650.00 out of our account AND charged us $4.00 for doing so. "Um...." (I said)"....four is two times as many as two." I think someone would notice at the time we gave our money to the bank if we were missing something. Two checks is half as thick as four checks. No point in even going to the bank for two checks.

Oh well. My very good friends who work there are going to find the problem and give us back our money. And if they don't we can always get the people who wrote us the checks to give us new ones, in a month or so, if they don't get their checks back. Still....$650.00 is a lot of money, dontcha think? That buys a LOT of duck jerky, to my way of thinking.

Other than the bank losing $650.00 of our money, things are going well. And I got to see my very good friend Gina today. She's my personal banker, you know.



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